APTIS For Teachers: Grammar and Vocabulary (Practice Tests)

In this post, we will provide you with Grammar and Vocabulary practice tests to prepare APTIS for Teachers.

What is the APTIS for Teachers?

The APTIS for Teachers is a language proficiency test designed by the British Council as a more tailored version of the APTIS General Test. In this way, it follows the same format as the original. It is comprised of five components that test Core Skills: Grammar and Vocabulary as well as Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. There are a variety of tasks within each module and each section has a specified time limit. In total, the test runs about 2 hours and 40 minutes. Despite this, Ministries of Educations or private language schools can opt for a modified version of the test to examine the skills that they find to be the most necessary. Depending on the purposes of the institution, the APTIS for Teachers can be computer- or paper-based or a combination of both.

APTIS for Teachers Reading Test is separated into four parts. Each part becomes harder, so that part 1 is the easiest, while part 4 is the hardest. You are given 35 minutes in APTIS for Teachers. If you would like access to simulated tests for APTIS for Teachers, please read follow the link here.

For further details please visit the British Council website here.

(25 minutes)


Part 1: Grammar

Select your answer (A-C) for questions 1-25.


0.    EXAMPLE:

I _______ drunk three cups of coffee this morning

            A.    Have

            B.    Am

            C.    Are 

1.    My teaching schedule is __________ than last year.

A. more easy

B. easier

C. easiest 

2.    The students in my class are ________ kind.

A. such

B. too

C. so 

3.    Sherry __________ in 3 different countries so far.

A. has taught

B. was teaching

C. teaches 

4.    Last year, we ________ on a trip to a museum.

A. went

B. have gone

C. have been 

5.    My mentor always gives me _______ good advice.

A. a

B. the
C. -

6.    The school _______ I work is nearby.

A. that

B. whose

C. where 

7.    King’s College is ______ Beverly Street.

A. in

B. on

C. at 

8.    Students _________ use mobile phones in class. It is forbidden.

A. don’t have to

B. mustn’t

C. couldn’t 

9.    ___________ I finish my lesson plans, I cannot go to the cinema with my friends.

A. Unless

B. If

C. When 

10. I wish I __________ teach abroad next semester.

A. could have

B. can

C. could 

11. By the end of June, I ____________ my training course.

A. will complete

B. will have completed

C. will be completing 

12. I always try to _______ up with new activities for lessons.

A. come

B. put

C. get 

13. Over summer holidays, I got used to __________ up late.

A. be woken

B. wake

C. waking 

14. If I am still feeling sick tomorrow, I _________ the substitute teacher

A. would call

B. will call

C. call 

15. My students are learning ________ to pronounce the sound /r/ today.

A. which

B. how

C. what 

16. The tutors _________ me that teaching is a rewarding job.

A. asked

B. said

C. told 

17. I encourage my students ________ their best.

A. to do

B. doing

C. do 

18. They should practice _________ with podcasts.

A. to listen

B. listening

C. listen 

19. _________ is a great passion of mine.

A. To teach

B. Having taught

C. Teaching 

20. If I ________ younger, I would have studied abroad.

A. were

B. am

C. have been 

21. I _______ my students drink water in class.

A. make

B. let

C. get 

22. Our class photo will be  ________ on Friday.

A. done

B. made

C. taken 

23. Literature __________ in our English classes this semester.

A. is studied

B. is being studied

C. studied 

24. The principal, _______ car is red, got a parking ticket.

A. whose

B. who

C. that 

25. The teacher gave her pupils ___________ homework.

A. much

B. many

C. a lot of

Part 2: Vocabulary

Write the letter (A-L) of the word that is most similar in meaning to the word (1-5). Use each word once only. You will not need five of the words (A-L). The answer to question 0 is an example.

0.    tell

A.    enlarge

26.1. demonstrate

B.    film

26.2. comprehend

C.    show

26.3. encourage

D.   make

26.4. direct

E.    command

26.5. create

F.    organize


G.    listen


H.   understand


I.     read


J.     paint


K.    inspire


L.     say


0.    Finish each sentence (6-10) using a word from the list (A-K). Use each word once only. You will not need five of the words (A-K).


27.1. To gain knowledge is to …

A.    learn

27.2. To assess a student’s performance is to…

B.    advertise

27.3. To look over something carefully is to …

C.    teach

27.4 To put things in their correct place is to …

D.   review

27.5 To exchange information by speaking is to …

E.    write


F.    stop


G.    communicate


H.   keep


I.     tidy


J.     evaluate


K.    sweep


Finish each sentence (11-15) using a word from the list (A-K). Use each word once only. You will not need five of the words (A-K).


28.1. In the fall, we are implementing a new English-language _________ at our school.

A.    puzzles

28.2. Every Friday, the students take a short ________ to see if they understood the week’s concepts.

B.    curriculum

28.3. It is important for kids to play in team sports so that they learn ___________.

C.    textbook

28.4. The new technology course does not have a ___________. All material is online.

D.   exam

28.5. We have a lot of ___________ on the shelves for indoor activities when it rains.

E.    cooperation


F.    house


G.     quiz



H.   tiles



I.     reflection



J.     progress



K.    skill




Write the letter (A-K) of the word that has the closest meaning (16-20). Use each word once only. You will not need five of the words (A-K).


29.1. independent

A.    success

29.2. rewarding

B.    busy

29.3. occupied

C.    injury

29.4. strategy

D.   technique

29.5 achievement

E.    failure


F.    satisfying


G.    free


H.   self-sufficient


I.     apart


J.     money


K.    exclusive



Write the letter (A-K) of the word that is commonly used with the word (21-25). Use each word once only. You will not need five of the words (A-K).


30.1. professional

A.    room

30.2. school

B.    attire

30.3. Master’s

C.    song

30.4 staff

D.   bus

30.5 final

E.    outfit


F.    quiz


G.    degree


H.   staircase


I.     exam


J.     run


K.    university




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