You are joining a technology club. Fill out the form. Write short answers (1-5 words) for each message. You have 3 minutes.

Example How are you?
What is your name?
What do you do?
Where do you live?
What is your favourite device?
What's your favourite colour?

Now you've become a new member of the technology club. Fill in the form. Write in sentences.

Use 20-30 words. You have 7 minutes in total.

Please tell us about what you use technology for most often and why:
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You are speaking to fellow members of the technology club in a group chat

Respond to them in full sentences (30-40 words per answer). You have 10 minutes in total.

Alicia: Hey! Welcome to the group. Can you tell us about your first electronic device?

0 words

Kalyn: I’m pretty addicted to social media. I use it every day! What social media sites do you usually use?

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Connor: I heard that the club is going to start meeting once a week, instead of once a month. What is your opinion on this?

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You received this email from the president of the technology club.

Dear Member,
We are writing to inform you that the trip to the science centre to see the robotics display has unfortunately been cancelled. Although many of you were looking forward to this excursion, we did not reach the necessary number of participants to continue. However, we hope to reschedule this event for next month. Please let us know if you would like a refund or if you would like to hold your spot for the new date.

Write a short email to your friend (about 50 words). Tell your friend your feelings about this and what you plan to do.

You have 10 minutes.

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Write an email to the president of the club (about 120-150 words). Tell them your thoughts about this and what you would like to do.

You have 20 minutes.

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