You are joining a group for new teachers. Fill out the form. Write short answers (1-5 words) for each message. You have 3 minutes.

Example How are you?
What is your name?
What do you do?
Where do you work?
What is your favourite subject?
What did you do last weekend?

You are a new member of the group for new teachers. Fill out the form.

Answer the question in 20-30 words. You have 7 minutes.

Please tell us about what you do in your free time and why::
0 words

You are speaking to fellow members of the group for new teachers in a group chat

Respond to them in full sentences (30-40 words per answer). You have 10 minutes in total.

Alicia: Hey! Welcome to the group. Can you tell us why you wanted to become a teacher?

0 words

Kalyn: I still remember my kindergarten teacher. Who was your favourite teacher and why?

0 words

Connor: I heard that some senior teachers might watch our lessons. What is your opinion on this?

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You received this email from the principal.

Dear new member,

Welcome to the team! We understand how difficult it is to transition from being a student to a teacher in your first year of work. In light of this, we would like to offer you more support. Beginning on the first Friday in October, we will hold weekly training meetings led by more senior staff to help you in your new role. These meetings are unpaid, and therefore, not mandatory. However, we feel that it is in your best interest to attend them for your own professional development.

President of the Social Committee

Write a short email to your friend (about 50 words). Tell your friend your feelings about this and what you plan to do.

You have 10 minutes.

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Write an email to the president of the committee (about 120-150 words). Tell them your thoughts about this and what you would like to do.

You have 20 minutes.

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