You are a member of a Public Speaking Club and you are speaking to three other members in a group chat.

Respond to them in full sentences (30-40 words per answer). You have 10 minutes in total.

Jin: Hey! Welcome to the group. Why did you decide to join the Public Speaking Club?

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Jackie: Have you ever spoken in front of a large group of people? What was it like?

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Chris: I heard that the club will be starting a podcast. What is your opinion on this?

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You received this email from a party planning company. Read the email and the notes you have made. Write a reply (120-150 words) using your notes, and express how you feel about the situation.

Dear Customer,

In response to your inquiry about party planning services, we have a few follow-up questions to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of your event.
(1) Could you please tell us what kind of party you are planning?
(2) We would also like to know how many people you are expecting and how long the event will be. In addition to the basic package, we do offer food services.
(3) Will you be requiring this catering service?

Party Time Planners

1. 30th birthday
2. About 25 people, from 8pm to midnight
3. Yes, but only snacks

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Jobs Today is a website that publishes short articles submitted by the public on general interest topics. You have been asked to write an article about job satisfaction. You have done some research on this topic in note form. Using your notes, write an informative and attention-grabbing article for publication (180-220 words).

- Money is not the most important thing
- Employees want to feel valued

-Pros: Happy employees work harder
-Cons: Low job satisfaction = low motivation
Countries Levels of Job Satisfaction (2019) Notes
India 89% + good working relationships
+ high morale in teams
- lower salaries
Japan 42% - long working days
- stressful work environment
+ good living wage
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