Reading Habbits

Person A

My family is from Vietnam, but we relocated to England when I was a teenager. Not only did I dislike reading in my native language, but being forced to read books in my second language was like torture. What really helped me, more than studying at school, was reading materials in my surroundings. I used to pick up a free newspaper on my way to school and try to make sense of it. Being immersed in an English environment, everything from shampoo bottles, to signs on the street was a learning opportunity. While I still don’t have the patience or desire to read books in any language, I love flipping through magazines or comics in English.

Person B

When I was a child, I was a bookworm. Reading was how I passed the time. I didn’t have many friends, and I lived in a small town. These conditions made me turn to books as a form of escapism, I guess. I was really into the genre of fantasy, from short stories and picture books as a kid, to larger novels as a teen. However, after I moved to a big city for university, I seemed to have lost that passion. It might have been because I had to read so much for my school’s courses that I just associated reading with dullness. It’s a pity because I never regained that joy. If I pick up a book now, I just doze off.

Person C

My close circle of friends invited me to join their book club. They had decided that each person would take turns and choose a 300-or so page novel, and that we would meet on a monthly basis to discuss what we had thought. I didn’t mind the first pick that was chosen. It was a text that was based on the story of Henry VIII and I found his life to be fascinating. What I didn’t like was that a lot of the details were historically inaccurate. That said, I am not much of a fiction fan. I prefer to read non-fiction books, which are informative and that give me knowledge.

Person D

While I wouldn’t call myself an avid reader, I do indulge in books from time to time. I peruse the library’s new book section weekly and am not fussy about genres. Fantasy, biography, horror, comics – I would try anything and everything at least once. A few months ago, I picked up a self-help book about mindfulness and manifestation. It basically gave instructions on how to become a more fruitful version of one’s self. I thought it was going to be a bit gimmicky, but it totally changed my outlook on life. What’s more is that I tried out a few of the author’s techniques, and I found that my writing and communication skills have truly blossomed as well.


Read the four opinions. Then, match the opinions to the statements.

Which Person...

1. learned a language?
2. prefers factual texts?
3. finds reading to be boring?
4. does not enjoy books?
5. gained new perspectives?
6. improved other skills?
7. used to read as a hobby?