Excercising Habbits

Person A

Over the past few years, I’ve put on a few kilograms. I can’t quite pinpoint when it happened, but it’s starting to negatively impact my health. My doctor advised me that I need to make a lifestyle change before I develop some chronic conditions. I was at a loss for where to even begin because I feel like I eat fairly healthy. On a recommendation from a friend, I consulted a personal trainer. He was able to work with me to develop a clear-cut plan to lose 5kg. I think that by having a tangible goal, I could be more motivated to strive for it.

Person B

All through college, my friends would marvel at how I could eat endless amounts of fast food with no change to my figure or physique. It’s not to say that I am a lazy person, though. I am pretty active in my own way. I love going on runs or hikes. I guess no one really notices this because I often do these on my own. I’m not a fan of team sports whatsoever. Most people think it’s because I don’t like to compete, but that’s not true either. I’m constantly trying to improve my running times and distances as well as my overall fitness level. What’s the point of being active if you aren’t trying to be a better version of yourself?

Person C

In an ideal world, I’d wake up at 6 am and get in a workout before starting my day. If only I could join a yoga or spin class as a social activity with friends! Frankly speaking, that is impossible with my busy schedule. I work shift work and when I am on-call, I can’t commit to anything. My schedule can change at a moment’s notice. I have trouble with consistent schedules let alone with exercise. Knowing this, I try to eat as healthy as possible. I load up on fruits and veggies when I can and stick to lean meats. I’ve made a conscious effort to educate myself about food and I feel that what you put into your body is far more important than rigorous exercise.

Person D

My friends call me a gym rat and I would have to agree. I go to the gym 6-7 days a week and often spend a few hours there at a time. Rarely do I miss a day, but when I do, my smart watch lets me know. I use it to track all my activity: from how many steps I’ve walked to how many reps I’ve lifted. It’s almost like a natural extension of my body- so much so that I get an alert when I have been inactive for some time. If I find myself in that situation at the end of a day, I’ll do a quick workout at home or go for a jog.


Four people were interviewed for an article on exercising habits. Read the four opinions. Then, match the opinions to the statements.

1. uses technology?
2. prefers individual activities?
3. is motivated by competition?
4. believes nutrition is more important?
5. struggles with routine?
6. exercises religiously?
7. has set an objective?