You are a member of an art club and you are speaking to three other members in a group chat.

Respond to them in full sentences (30-40 words per answer). You have 10 minutes in total.

Bonnie: Hey! Welcome to the art club. Not all of us are artists, but we all love art. Are you any good at art?

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Ellen: Welcome to the club. What kind of art is popular in your country?

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John: Our club goes on monthly excursions. Where would you suggest we go next month?

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You received this email from a department store in your city. Read the email and the notes you have made. Write a reply (120-150 words) using your notes, and express how you feel about the situation.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your recent purchase at Gracie's! We would love to know more about your online experiences today.
(1) Did you find everything you were looking for? We would also love your feedback on how easy it was to navigate the site.
(2) Did you experience any glitches? Lastly,
(3) what improvements could we make to improve your overall shopping experience? Your suggestions are vital to helping us improve.

Gracie's Department Store

1. No- shoes out of stock
2. Yes- too many ads
3. More promotion codes

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Eat Well! is a website that publishes short articles submitted by the public on general interest topics. You have been asked to write an article about Fast Food. You have done some research on this topic in note form. Using your notes, write an informative and attention-grabbing article for publication (180-220 words).

- Reasons why it’s unhealthy
- Solutions to discourage consumption of fast food
- Pros: convenience / cheap
- Cons: health problems / obesity
Country Fast Food restaurants per million people Population Obesity (2017) Other
United States 45.1 McDonalds restaurants per 1 million people + dozens of other fast food chains 31.2 %- overweight
42.7 % - obese
  • lots of jobs in fast food industry
  • low prices
Norway 25.2 major fast food establishments per 1 million people 36.3 %- overweight
14.2 % - obese
  • among the highest fast-food prices in the world
  • ban on unhealthy foods for children under 16
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