You are a member of science club and you are speaking to three other members of the in a group chat

Respond to them in full sentences (30-40 words per answer). You have 10 minutes in total.

Martin: Welcome to the group. I got into science when I was in high school, so I decided to become an engineer. What about you?

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Jorge: Welcome! Can you tell me about any experiments you have done before?

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Bea: Who is your favourite scientist or inventor? Why?

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You received this email from a local café. Read the email and the notes you have made. Write a reply (120-150 words) using your notes, and express how you feel about the situation.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your continued patronage at our café. We are always looking for ways to improve your experience! We would love to know more about your visit today. How fast were you served?
(1) It would be great to know whether you found our staff helpful or not. Did they answer all of your questions with a smile?
(2) Lastly, what did you think of our new patio? Did you have a chance to enjoy it?
(3) We would love to hear your thoughts!

Yours faithfully,
Krave Café Staff

1. Slow service - made me late for work
2. Friendly staff – but too talkative
3. Patio looked beautiful – but it was raining

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Shopaholics Anonymous! is a website that publishes short articles submitted by the public on general interest topics. You have been asked to write an article about Online Shopping. You have done some research on this topic in note form. Using your notes, write an informative and attention-grabbing article for publication (180-220 words).

- More products to choose from
- Can find deals and use coupon codes
- Pros: convenience / no lines or crowds
- Cons: cannot physically inspect item/ have to pay to return
Product Type Avg Price in person Avg Price online +/- Overall
Books $15/book shop $5 on Amazon + + Cheaper and bigger selection online
Groceries $100 for the weekly shop $150 for the weekly shop More convenient/ but can’t guarantee freshness of products
Clothes $80 $80 (many % off deals) -/+Save money/ but can’t try on
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