Money Saving Havits

Person A

I have never been one to spend much. As a university student, I was incredibly tight-fisted. For example, I used to walk 40 minutes to campus in order to save on bus fare. I’d also only buy necessities from shops that offered a student discount. Now that I have a high-paying job, you’d think that I have loosened the reins a bit, so to speak, but that’s not the case. I’d like to buy my own house in the next year or so, so I need to pinch every penny.

Person B

I am awful at keeping money in my bank account. Once I have it, I feel like it’s a hot potato and I need to immediately use it. Sometimes I really don’t even know where it goes. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose. If only my high school had offered a financial literacy course! Why were we studying algebra and geometry when we all lacked practical knowledge? And I can’t forget about my parents. They never made me have a piggy bank or encouraged me to save. I whole heartedly believe that I was set up for failure from the get go.

Person C

I used to have a part time job in a shopping centre, at a shoe store when I was in university. I think that’s when I started to really spend frivolously. Having to walk through the mall on my way to work was dangerous! I would see the new merchandise in the windows and sale signs everywhere and be tempted. I justified it as having the responsibility to be on trend while I was in the fashion industry. Since moving to a corporate role in a different sector, I no longer frequent the mall unless it’s absolutely necessary. Just like that, my savings account has been growing steadily.

Person D

I’ve always believed in the importance of tracking your income and expenses. When I was a kid, I remember my mom meticulously noting down each cent she spent in a calendar. I’d do it too, from time to time, but I never seemed to have had much success. That is to say, until my roommate introduced me to his spreadsheet software in university. It was incredible and the organization was unmatched. He sent me the template and I downloaded it on my phone. It works really well for me and has helped me get my finances in order.


Four people were interviewed for an article on Money Saving Habits. Read the four opinions. Then, match the opinions to the statements.

1. uses technology to help them save?
2. has always been frugal?
3. values having a budget?
4. blames others for their spending problem?
5. doesn’t keep track of their finances?
6. believes a change in career helped them?
7. has a savings goal?